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    Fire Station on City Sphere from Sphere research

    Prepare to save the day at the LEGO® City Fire Station! It's a peaceful day in the 3-story LEGO® City Fire Station. The fire chief sips his coffee in his office while a firefighter repairs the truck and another takes a well-earned nap. Spring into action when the alarm bell rings! Slide the firefighters down the pole, load them into the fire truck, van and helicopter to save the day in LEGO City! There's tons of fun to be had in this massive building set with 3 vehicles, big, transparent windows and 2 retracting garage doors. Includes 5 minifigures: a fire chief, pilot, and 3 firefighters with assorted accessories.Includes 5 minifigures: fire chief, pilot, and 3 firefighters with assorted accessoriesFeatures Dalmatian dog, helicopter landing pad, fire pole, 2 retracting garage doors, 3 stories, signage, 2 garage bays, streetlight, trash can, furniture and moreIncludes 3 vehicles: fire truck, fire van and a fire helicopterAccessories include firefighting equipment, flame elements, furniture, a computer, tool box with tools, axe, chainsaw, telephone, walkie-talkies and cupFire truck features a reeling hose, extending ladder, real rubber tires and moreFire helicopter features spinning rotorsFire van features rubber tires, realistic emergency lights and a fire extinguisherOpen the garage bay doors and drive the fire truck out!Repair 3 emergency vehicles!Slide down the 3-story fire pole with 5 minifigures!Measures over 15" (38cm) long, 12" (31cm) high and 9" (25cm) wideFire van measures over 3" (10cm) long, 1" (5cm) high and 1" (5cm) wideFire truck measures over 7" (18cm) long, 3" (8cm) high and 1" (5cm) wideFire helicopter measures 7" (18cm) long, 3" (8cm) high and 6" (16cm) wide

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