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    Mia's Jungle Play Cube on Friends Sphere from

    Looking for a building toy for a kid who’s wild about animals? Take them on an exotic trip with Mia’s Jungle Play Cube (41437). The pieces of this LEGO Friends box pack into the case for jungle play on the go. Kids can pretend to use the smoothie maker in her cozy tent or play among the trees and pet the cute mystery animal.Box of delightsThis animal building kit's elements are removable, so kids can enjoy boundless creative play. The pieces also attach to the cube's base for fuss-free travel fun and no more missing bricks! The cube toy box splits into halves so kids can share the jungle fun with a friend.Collect and connectThere are 4 other LEGO Friends Jungle Play Cubes to collect. Each portable toy comes with a mystery animal in a random color so kids never know what they're going to get until they open the cube! The toy animal set also has studs so it can connect to other cubes to create cool shapes. Introduce kids to the world of Heartlake City, where kids can find a friend that’s just like them.Introduce kids to the world of LEGO® Friends with Mia’s Jungle Play Cube (41437). Designed to inspire open-ended, creative fun based on real-life scenarios, this portable toy for kids provides hours of anytime fun.There’s lots of creative play packed into a little space. Inside is 1 collectible LEGO® mini-doll, a toy pet, toy lamp and a smoothie maker. A sticker sheet lets kids decorate Mia's toy tent just the way they like.Kids can remove the elements from the cube, pack them up for play on the go or split the cube to share the fun. This camping adventure set stacks or connects with the other cubes, so kids can display them in crazy ways.A great impulse reward, birthday present or holiday gift for kids aged 6+. This portable playset is the perfect travel companion for little explorers, and the easy builds will appeal to those new to LEGO® construction.The animal building kit measures just over 3” (8cm) wide and 2” (6cm) high. These neat dimensions mean it pops easily into a backpack or handbag, making it the ideal travel playset to brighten up long journeys.This wildlife adventure toy thankfully needs no batteries to make the action come alive. That’s one less thing to remember to pack!This building toy for kids comes with clear, easy-to-follow instructions, meaning even those with little LEGO building experience will be off the blocks and playing with their fun toy in no time at all.Welcome to the jungle! Broaden kids' horizons as they help the LEGO® Friends girls – Stephanie, Mia, Olivia, Andrea and Emma – look after the jungle’s animals, and make new friends along the way.This LEGO® Friends box meets the highest industry standards plus the LEGO Group’s own rigorous quality criteria. Kids will find this camping toy's bricks connect strongly and pull apart easily every time.All the elements in this starter building kit are tested in every way imaginable to guarantee that each LEGO® set meet the highest global quality standards, making them some of the best and safest toys for kids.

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